Topocentric system astrology

Since the great circles that define the houses do not intersect exactly in the north and south points, the house position of celestial bodies in the vicinity of these points is often unclear.

When the chart shown seems to contain errors...

Sometimes problems also arise in the calculation of house cusps beyond the arctic circle. In the example below, the order of the house cusps is as follows: This problem perhaps can be solved in the following way: looking at the chart drawing, the ecliptic does not seem to run through the houses 11 and 12 at all, but runs from the 10th house directly into the first house.

Furthermore, the drawing shows that the house cusps 11 and 12 are located in the sector of house 1. It is therefore advisable to ignore the 11th and 12th house cusps. The ecliptic then only runs through the houses 10, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9. Similar problems exist in the Placidus house system.

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Although it is well known how to calculate the "topocentric houses", and many computer programs will do so, the point of this calculation method is incomprehensible. The geometrical explanations provided by Polich and Page are inadequate and flawed. For transit calculations, I use the software EfemQ. The first birth chart reading is a 2-hour long session. First, I disclose your life purpose, life mission and life lessons to then proceed to the focus of your choice: career, health, money, relationships, etc.

It is a powerful tool for personal growth.

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Any later reading is only 1-hour long. It includes a copy of your birth charts and diagrams Word which I e-mail to you after your appointment, as well as an audio recording mp3 for your records.

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This reading helps understand the role a relationship plays in your personal journey, how can you build relationships based on strengths and what events are possible in the relationship. Synastry can be done for couples, family members, business partners and coworkers, etc. It includes a copy of your birth charts and diagrams, synastry chart, Word which I e-mail to you after your appointment, as well as an audio recording mp3 for your records.

The Equal house systems go back to the 1st century BC. However this particular system is accredited to 19th century Australian astrologer Zariel. The Equal House system should not be confused with an equal house chart where all cusps are equally spaced such as the Aries system uses.

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Topocentric House System

Then project these points on to the circles that meet at the north and south poles of the ecliptic. This system works well with charts calculated for the polar regions. Koch is a variation of the Alcabitius system. Although made popular by German astrologer Walter Koch in , it was really invented by two other Germans named Specht and Zanziger.

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  4. In the Koch system, the diurnal semi-arc is trisected by time division. To create a Koch chart, trisect the MC semi-arcs from the ascendant to the midheaven, and from the IC to the ascendant. Then project these trisected points on to the ecliptic with ascension altitude circles paralleling the horizon. Koch has some unique features—some useful, some not.

    Because of the odd way the houses are derived, the 10th house can sometimes be on the horizon.

    This causes other houses cusps to not be clearly defined from the ecliptic. This is a little hard to picture, but simply put, the Koch House system can sometimes produce some improbable results. Cosmobiologists often prefer the Koch system because they believe that house cusps on the ecliptic are too sensitive to ecliptic transits, directions and progressions.

    This is a favorite of Uranian astrologers. Then project these onto the ecliptic with hour circles circles that pass through the north and south celestial poles. Where these lines intersect the ecliptic are the Meridian house cusps. This produces houses that are exactly two sidereal hours long and places the MC as the cusp of the 10th house.

    The Tangled Web of Astrological House Systems |

    The difference between this and the Equal House System is that the divisions from the MC instead of from the ascendant. In fact he used the Regiomontanus system. No one really knows who invented this system. Then draw lines from the north to the south pole of the ecliptic through these 12 points on the celestial equator.

    The places where the longitude lines intersect the ecliptic are the Morinus house cusps. The MC and the ASC, determined by the intersection of the Lunes with the ecliptic, are not always the 10th and 1st house cusps. The problem with the Morinus system is that none of the conventional house cusps always apply. However, it can be used for the polar regions. Named after 17th century monk Placidus de Tito, no one really knows who invented it, although some historians think it was 8th century Arabian astrologer, ben Djabir.

    Placidus, also called the semi-arc system, is a time system.

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    The house cusps are derived by the time taken to cover a certain space. The time, n right ascension, is taken for each degree of the ecliptic to rise on its own parallel of declination.