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Pisces is a very creative sign and Orange Carnelian is wonderful in helping them nurture this inner creativity. Not only does it encourage the Fish to use their creativity in productive, constructive ways, but it helps provide clear focus as to how to manifest this creativity into reality. As well as this, like many orange or red crystals, it helps provide a boost of happiness and dispel low or unhappy moods.

The best place to wear this is in the form of a pendant around the neck where it sits close to the heart, keeping it light and free of negativity.

The Best Crystals for Pisces

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone, very protective and able to ward off negative thoughts or energies directed at the user from others. The Tourmaline crystal rebounds negative energy back to whoever sent it in the first place. This is a truly powerful crystal and should be recharged under Moonlight or herbal smoke cleansing on a regular basis to clear it of the negative energy it absorbs.

Labradorite is an incredibly intuitive stone and it is perfect for Pisces natives who experience flashes of intuition or have high empathic abilities. Labradorite is useful for Water signs in general as it is particularly good for helping to deal with overwhelming emotional situations. It balances the emotions and keeps them under control.

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Anyone who feels as if their entire being will explode with emotional intensity would benefit from wearing Labradorite or carrying one around in their pocket. It is also a great stone for sleeping with under your pillow as it can help keep out negative energies while dreaming, which could result in unwanted nightmares. So, there you have 5 fantastic crystals for Pisceans, and for anyone else who is experiencing the deep and emotional energy of Pisces at this time.

Sensitivity is a beautiful quality, one that truly helps make the world a better place. Pisces can be moody and vague. Aries likes to lead.

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A good challenge is happiness to Aries. Aries goes through life with confidence and a enthusiastic outlook on everything. People born under the sun sign Aries are generous and frank with friends. They have a gift for fun. Aries can fall in love quickly and out of love even more quickly. No one is more persistence and steadfast than Taurus. Taurus usually excels at his work, because he understands the importance of method and order. Taurus has a wonderful sense of humor and often uses his humor to be the center of attention. Taurus is not aggressive, but can be stubborn and self-indulgence.

Taurus is loyal and faithful friend.

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As a lover, Taurus is sensual and amorous. Taurus is very fond of music. Gemini has an abundance of intellectual energy. This energy must be expressed and they seldom suffer in silence.

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Gemini is charming and life is more interesting and beautiful with them around. Gemini can make quick changes in any aspect of life. They cannot bear to be bored.

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Cancer is very patient. Cancer feels all moods to the fullest, joy, sorrow, compassion, horror and sadness.

Our Top 5 Crystals for Pisces:

Family is important to Cancer. Cancer will always forgive, but has a good memory. Cancer can love long and strong.

Cancer is a giver and can be taken advantage of by those who are takers. Leo is the king or commander and commands very well. They would say that it would dispel anger, protect from deception, and yet bestow upon you an incredible charisma that would suddenly make you a very persuasive individual.

They would say that it would increase your mental vitality and clarity, balance your mind, link your root and heart chakras and stimulate kundalini energy movement.

Many maintain that bloodstone also protects from bullying and threats, increases courage and motivation, aids decision making skills, encourages prosperity and good fortune, eases difficulties and misunderstandings between mother and child, fosters self worth, self sufficiency and self confidence, and more. Bloodstone is described as protective and nurturing. As previously stated, bloodstone is also highly regarded for its physical healing abilities.

It has been ground into powder and used in healing potions by egyptian doctors and priests, carried by soldiers, exploited by women in childbirth, and more. It is said to detoxify blood and aid the heart and detoxifying organs of the body, as well as help in cases of poor blood circulation and iron deficiency. In addition to the circulatory system, bloodstone is believed to provide benefits for the reproductive system ease PMS, menopause, prevent miscarriage, support pregnancy, aid in childbirth , the immune system ward off the flu, colds, inflammation and infection , and the bones and blood marrow.

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