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Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The Virgo female will be attracted to the Libra Man because he has a wonderful personality and more than likely he was flirting with her. As the Libra Leo conversation continues though, he will realize how shallow or cold the she can appear once she starts giving him her opinion.

The Virgo lady likes to spend most of her time at home, as long as she is not at work, and when she is home she works hard to keep everything neat and clean.

She is a perfectionist with her ability to see every small aspect of life. She can be considered very reserved and might have a hard time opening herself up to others.

Libra Personality: September 23 - October 22

She is very analytical and will have a hard time understanding the sentimental side of her Libran mate. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

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He will often feel upset with a Virgo Woman as a partner. She will often criticize him on is inability to have financial stability or his wandering ways when he could be doing something more useful. Instead, the Libra Man will internalize his hurt feelings and often start walking in the other direction to avoid any more pain. Then the breakup of the Libra man and Virgo woman relationship is inevitable.


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Libra Burj Mizan Man in Urdu: Mizani Libra afrad mein be shumar khoobyan hoti hain, sath hi in logon key naam zinda javed ho jate hain, yeh log aam tor se pur sehar shakhsiyat key malik hote hain, in logon ki khoobon mein se aik khoobi yeh bhi hoti hai keh yeh log aqal ki bunyaad par faisle karte hain, jazbaat ki bunyaad par nahi, yeh jazbaati wabistagi key bajaye haqiqi nataij ko madd e nazar rakhte hain, in key faisle bar bar tabdeel nahi hote, aik bar jo faislah kar lein phir mushkil hi se ise tabdeel karte hain, inhein bar bar apni raye tabdeel karne ka koi shoq nahi hota.

Giving him his space is the best solution. She does not let her mood affect the relation. For her, he is center of her universe and she always wants him happy.

This marital association can bloom into colorful flowers if they can deal with these small but important issues. Capricorn is known for her practical approach in life. Be if marriage or love-making, practically is never a second priority for her. Hence, it is very important for Libra man to make her feel secure in the relation, both emotionally and financially otherwise she may not open up and always feel restricted. But once she is confident about the relationship, she is the most loyal and supportive wife. Be ready to get surprised by her hidden charm and adventurous nature which she used to satisfy her man in bed.

Capricorn woman are very disciplined and organized. They always give importance and attention to people and matters which are of value to her.

Libra Women (میزان عورت) Marriage And Love Compatibility With Men Related From Others Stars Urdu

She aims high and leaves no stone unturned to achieve her goals as she longs for a safe and secure future for her family which is always a priority for her. Though she is emotional but she is very practical, she analyses every situation before taking a final decision. Impressing a Capricorn woman is surely not that simple as she not only looks for love but she also demands a safe and secure future.