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I think it looks rather nice. That new moon in Libra turned out to be of importance to another woman of colour, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. A tour which had gone a considerable way to balancing out the negative press they had received for a whole string of actions earlier in the year that were deemed hypocritical. To stand back and do nothing would be contrary to everything we believe in. There can be few people who cannot understand the distress very public criticism causes an individual.

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And, accountability should be sought. However, however. And there is much to be said for following the old royal protocol: keep on keeping on, smiling and waving. At the time of their wedding I suggested they would have difficulty towing the royal line and instead carve out their own unique marital path.

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Add to this the composite Moon squaring a rising Saturn-Pluto conjunction and a Moon opposed to Pluto at the time of the wedding, and there is a boatload of controversy to come. It is an interesting phenomenon that when we marry and become one with another, our individual identity changes. Maybe at the core we are still the person we have always been, but we have acquired another skin.

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Harry, once the charming, unspoilt darling of the people and the media has become a little pompous. Reading the characteristics that our co-workers display and learning how to cooperate with them successfully lies at the heart of Astrology in the Workplace.

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Astrology in the Workplace will help anyone who wants to bring out the best in themselves and everyone else. Learn More. Astrolutely Fabulous! All you ever wanted to know about astrology — and more. Keep on keeping on, my friends. Friday Bite. Jessye Norman has left us.

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Courses in Astrology Turn your interest in astrology into real knowledge. A passionate Scorpio or a two faced Gemini like yours truly?

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  6. The stars know and so does Twitter according to everyone's new favourite meme. People are asking the hard hitting questions and hilariously answering them using the signs.

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    For example, someone might decide to list the Zodiac signs as actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, et voila, we have ourselves a chef's kiss of a zodiac meme. What sign and song are you? Aries - thank u,next Taurus - goodnight n go Gemini - sweetener Cancer - blazed Leo - only 1 Virgo - god is a woman Libra - into you Scorpio - problem Sagittarius - get well soon Capricorn - leave me lonely Aquarius - be alright Pisces - r.

    What will the signs be after watching Avengers 4? Niall Horan. Stranger Things. Your privacy is important to us.