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Sunday inspiration: Trusting the future Astrologers have a reputation, which we ourselves and our forbears have propagated, of being able to foretell the future. Neptune in Pisces and the question of reality Neptune just slipped back into Pisces where it will remain until Robespierre, leader of the "Reign of Terror" regime from the 's may be compared to the Bush administration by using astrological charts which show several connections between the man and the "War on Terror" regime of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

What brought this on? The most obvious and pertinent connections between Robespierre's natal chart and the Inauguration Chart of George Bush, to wit: 1. But back to the Bush Regime's resonance with the reforming, revolutionary, terror-inducing radical, Robespierre. Without considering Robespierre's natal chart, I have previously posted elsewhere Slate's The Fray on the significance of the Inaugural Sun conjunct Chiron--a wounding of leadership. So, we have similar themes here--wounds brought forward in time by way of heredity, 'karmic', if you will--reaping what was sown and involving Capricorn, sign of politics, law, and business.

Robespierre was a lawyer, of course, and Bush calls himself a politician Elitist Aquarius also ruled anciently by the same planet of authority as Capricorn--Saturn is the current sign of the US Inaugural Sun the president on Jan 20, at Noon each year. A "North American Union" is their goal US, Mexico, and Canada.

Now Neptune and Pluto separately AND together have connections to propaganda, and both men have used propaganda as a tool to win at any cost. They now continue in their efforts to control the finances and the "hearts" and "minds" of the world, but actually, I think they're mooning us on one of those--they care nothing for our hearts, and have none of their own that I can ascertain, can you? Hubris and smugness care not, m'peops Guillotining would fall under the "defeat of mankind", agreed? Taurus can be very determined and greedy, y'know. Seems decapitation is a favorite tactic of ole man terror, and it's come back around.

But it's grotesquely unfair, to say the least, that terror has reared his ugly head again only to relieve so many innocent people of theirs So what am I saying? That it's the same principle returned through the generational South Node, and that so far we're not dealing with it any better than was done in ? That it's gained a hoof-hold in the US through the American presidency?

And although the world got enough of his cruelties back then, 'terror' isn't proving himself as willing to back down this time, mainly due to US leaders using him shamelessly to control the world with fear of his raptor's gaze, and because he is embrazened by those who worship death and revenge AND because he's proving more profitable than ever for the current Robespierres, Napoleons, and Hitlers who have taken the world's power into their own claws with such relish.

Q: Is there a difference in radical Islamists' use of him vs the Bush Regime's promotion of the fear of him?

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Is there something too telling about Bush, Kerry, and others' allegiance to a secret society that uses a skull and bones as its logo? And what would Robespierre tell us now, if he could but mumble? And Max was nothing if not 'smug' with his "I AM the people" , know-it-all creepiness delivered with a cold smirk.

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  6. He "knew" what was good for the people--kinda like George Bush thinks he "knows" how best to steer America. And a lot like Cheney's smirk, if you will. Is Max is inspiring quioxtic George? Sounds like today's terroists on all sides with innocents in the middle of these psychopaths. The inmates have taken over, as with Robes'n'Co Jacobins all, as Larry Wilkerson's op-ed states. I've read that the real power-behind-the-throne types ask US prez candidates if they can make decisions with few if any facts--in other words, can we tell you what to do?

    A 'No' answer and you're out--a 'Yes' and it may be your turn to puppet as the US president.

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    Well, old Robes isn't around any more to act violently or otherwise, but we've no shortage of those who will--actors who are aren't afraid to be inspired by a grand master--and a grand design--of terror down through the centuries. And the topper? NWO's "18 Capricorn. Anything occupying "18Cap" this year?