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Likes to be submissive. Virgo on the 9th house-Ivy League ready. Devoted to their beliefs and higher education. May be very religious. Virgo on the 10th house-Considered to be reliable and hard working. Their career is important. Nurses and doctors. It has been said that the sign on your 7th house cusp, or descendant, is one that you will be attracted or drawn to, or will be attracted and drawn to you. What about you guys? Aries: the passion; feeling the adrenaline course through your veins, a blazing fire taking your body into its folds as you push each other up against the wall, fighting aggressively and then making up just as fast, smothering each other in kisses, playful banter, scolding them on little things yet inwardly smiling at their cuteness, love-hate relationships, not knowing whether to feel frustrated or even more in love with them than before when they do someting you hate, foreheads pressed together, their hand on the back of your neck, desperate for you to never pull away….

Gemini: the initial spark; mischievous eyes, playful smirks, harmless yet so damn lethal flirting, heart racing at the sight of them, sleepless nights, talking all night long about anything and everything, having absolutely no filter when it comes to them, playful inuendos leading to heated moments, chasing and being chased, getting jealous, acting possessive, butterflies in your stomach, big grins, shamelessly checking them out because why not…. Cancer: the emotional ups and downs; the longing, the hysteria, the drama, the denial, the jealousy, but also the understanding, feeling on top of the world, every single little emotion that led up to where you are now, the sheer extremity of everything when you were with them, like all your senses suddenly became heightened and the black and white world you lived in changed to technicolour….


This is what it looks like. The cusps end up landing on the signs on either side. Planets can be intercepted as well; an intercepted planet is simply a planet posited in an intercepted sign. A sign is duplicated when two house cusps fall within it. This is what a duplicated sign looks like from the same chart as the screenshot above. Again, when a sign is duplicated, so will its sister sign be.

The intercepted signs are buried, repressed, overshadowed, and basically not allowed or able to operate normally in the chart. Both of these things are very unhealthy. When the function of the sign is healed, its energy will come through no matter what, so you just have to look for it. Or the interception may not be much of a problem at all — the ruling planets function similarly to their signs, so it may work itself out naturally. It depends on the rest of the chart. It also depends on the rest of the chart.

Planets in the 7th House...

Keep reading. The more charming and passive mask you were introduced to can seem almost flipped upside down once you get romantically involved with these natives or rather shall I say once you get past the weighing scales.

They can be combative-and easily aroused by the idea of asserting themselves in a one on one setting. They tend to be attracted to love with a argumentative and or a erotically passionate suave to it. Love for them is less about the Amor than it is about the lust. They have a butch shadow and can unknowingly be aggressive and have short attention spans with people and situations. In love: they can be demanding and honest.

The Fifth House - Astrological Houses

They approach it authentically and bare and want it to feel like a cyclone. They are usually romantic in a tough and abrasive style. Physical expression via sex and constant touch is a form of this. Once they start wanting to argue with you and bicker with you for the sake of it? Similarly to when someone with mars in the 5th house is in love? Picking on you is a deep sign of love here. They have a very refined and youthful sense of community and tend to have very happy marriages despite their lovers being occasionally sloth like and lazy; but the other could be said that they attract providers and nurtures.

They may stay with a lover disputed hardships and find it hard to let go no matter what and those they attract are often the same.

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Love runs strong here. In love:very stable lovers-many hold on too their lover tightly and can be extremely loyal and wrapped up in him or her. They are also extremely touchy feely and love to nurture those whom they love! Love is done in a caring yet sensual way.

They crave you and want to be around you all the time. You basically turn into a pillow pet. The idea of verbal love and communication run deep for them and they love a lover who knows what to say and how to deliver it. They attract people on the slimmer and daintier side and may date younger lovers and attract that audience. They let you speak, they love hearing what you have to say and are extremely sensitive to your moods and feelings. They become passive and hate to correct you-they are very protective of you physically and your ideas mentally.

Not to mention they leave open door ways for you to communicate-always. Their emotional world is full of authentic ups full of bubbly joy and optimism to lows full of insecurity and doubt. They crave on a deeper level to be understood-to be held and free in a sense to let down their heavy bags and weep.

In reality they tend to be very huge softies even if it is an introverted expression and they for better or worse interact with others on this same receptive wavelength. They tend to get involved in relationships early and have a tendency to unconsciously seek a lover that resembles a parent or the loss of one. In love: intense. They tend to demand a lot of their mates both physically and emotionally unkowningly draining themselves as well as their mates. The mama bear in them comes out and they instinctively do anything for their lovers.

They tend to really shine in a one on one setting-while they do still have an incredible sway with the crowd on a superficial level-they deep down know good and well how fascinating and entrancing they are. They love interacting with others as they unlock a new part of themselves through such connections. Much of their ego is heavily projected in their relationships and in most cases their either with someone who plays the part of their ego or they themselves are with someone who allows them to play this role.

Those attracted to them are often prideful, dominate, exciting and daring. Their relationships are usually quite passionate and romantic. In love: ah they are quite powerful once in love. Everything makes them beam and they are extremely proud of their lovers! They are extremely demanding and require a lot of attention but only because they give a wild amount in return. Availability but not to available.

They tend to set practical and structured goals towards their interactions with others and usually try not to overstep their level of expectation from those around them out of a need to have some sort of read on their situation. One on ones can be either uncomfortable or tiring for them. They are not dramatic lovers by any means and usually like quite love affairs-the type of love that is over time and something that two people grow and evolve in. This attracted to them are usually the submissive and shy types.

Intellectuals and those with gentle and somewhat arrogant temperaments are drawn to them and this is actually their shadow as well. In love: these natives truly are quite a sight to behold in love. They love quite deeply and usually for years in end. They tend to sacrifice quite a bit in love and are extremely dedicated and loyal. They in a way become a servant to their lovers-with dignity mind you but they serve their lover non the less. To be frank these natives are huge cuddle bears and tend to be very adaptable when it comes to people.

They have a very soft and warm inner aura and naturally attract others to them like flies.

7th house cusp

They are both easily graceful and teases. Those drawn to them are usually superficial types-both airy and easy on the eyes but may lack the necessary tools to relate to others on a more emotive way. And vice versa to those sharing libra or venus rx on the 7th house cusp. In love: they are quite the perplexing ones when in love. They can grow obsessed with the idea-the mere concept but often may withhold so much of themselves once they actually begin to feel love for someone in the physical realm.

Romantic to the core. Candles and intimate night outs.

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They get pretty angry when their lovers are disrespected. Often times there one on ones with others can be tricky and a bit more complex then what is being shown first glance. Often there are many power plays and subtle undercurrents that go on in their interactions that incite mysterious and sometimes manipulative scenarios.

Due to the shadowy nature of this house these natives often view others as the ones whom are to serious or to intense for their liking.