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In astronomy, it finds use in determining the movement and the centre of the planets, stars and galaxies. For instance, the astronomers following astronomical events of solar and lunar eclipses, planets retrograde and terrestrial events impacted by the cosmic alignement of stars and planets are interested in knowing the time of their happening.

Ephemerides are also used to design the celestial navigation software which helps with spacecraft navigation and can work as a backup option for the global positioning system GPS. Use in astrology In astrology, Ephemeris is of great value and use as it helps in determining the outcome of a horoscope based on the current planetary positions , their future trajectory, velocity.

This is vital information which allows the astrologers to ascertain the impact of stars and celestial bodies on an individual ephemeris astrology. Ephemeris provides you with the planetary position by date, which in turn helps you with the positional description of planets along with their respective stars, natural satellites and, galaxies. The ephemerides usually provide information about celestial bodies through the centuries, including those that are to happen in the future. The system is used to track the movement of comets and asteroids that are erratic in behaviour. However, there are some phenomena that may not be adequately explained by the modern ephemeris due to the disruption caused by loosely researched asteroids.

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