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Follow the Rastar 13 sign fb group. Reposted from The Wisdom of 9. Let's start off with the current view of Friday 13th. There is even a phobia name after it called triskaidekaphobia. There are many people who would consider themselves rational who are quite common to act in fear of this superstitious number, for example Winston Churchill refused to sit in row 13 in the theater or on an airplane. Clearly this is serious. So, what did the number 13 represent in ancient times and who changed its meaning? Howard Contee's new weekly Tarot readings for all 13 signs.

Your New sign. Proof of the 13 signs. For thousands of years, astrology has been lurking in the shadows of our consciousness. Shrouded in mystery and chaos, the study of astrology has thus far only hinted at its true gift to humanity. Ophiuchus represents the natural law and its changes; she appears out of the ether, a substance of ineffable transformation and marvel. Astrology tells us that ether is the "element" of Ophiuchus.

Ether has a spiritual and material meaning in astrology, since in early times it was the only known catalyst for chemical reactions and detonation. Ether also had the amazing power to take away pain, but behind its mundane uses, ether also represented polarity, as two extremes working in tandem. Over 3, years ago, the Chinese designated ether as the centerpiece for a universal law of the unity of opposites , as expressed with Yin and Yang symbols.

This set ether apart from other substances, since, for then-unknown reasons, ether was unpredictable and volatile, just as likely to blow up in our faces as to provide us with blessings.

The Zodiac Debate: Tropical vs Sidereal

Ether was anointed with miraculous powers of transformation, even the mistaken idea it had the power to change lead to gold. Ether facilitated a sudden move from yin to yang, and back, effortlessly and if by magic.

Venus in Astrology - Meaning Explained

Any or all of these world leaders could be deposed during Saturn's transit of Sagittarius. Medusa by Hiroko Sakai.

Thousands of years ago women dominated human society. They were the clan leaders, hunters, astrologers, warriors and healers. We can only speculate about such antiquity because much of it lies beyond what is actually known or academically supported. However, astrology gives us a clue, since many original Zodiacal archetypes are female and were changed to men or animals by the Greeks and Romans. Ophiuchus, Aries, Leo and Taurus were all originally imagined as female symbols, only to be transmogrified much later into male stereotypes by male astrologers.

Our sign astrology group is extremely honored and proud to present Walter Berg to our readers. Walter single-handedly created modern 13 sign astrology from years of dogged observation and hand-calculation in the early s. These seasons are earth-bound, meaning their relationship is with the sun's movement, not the movement of constellations.

by Hank Friedman

Each of the four seasons contains a group of three sun signs quadruplicities that create a total of 12 zodiac or sun signs. The quadruplicities are cardinal, fixed and mutable. These twelve signs are separated from each other by 30 degrees to complete a degree circle. Each degree is assigned a specific characteristic.

Is There a 13th Astrology Sign?

These are some very simplistic and basic principles of astrology, but quickly demonstrate how they have nothing to do with star precession through constellations. Ophiuchus is neither a newly discovered constellation nor is it significant to tropical astrology. Ophiuchus is just a constellation and is depicted in modern symbolism as a human male holding a snake constellation Serpens in one of his hands.

To put Ophiuchus into perspective, it helps to know a little more about the historical references of this constellation and the history of astrology. In his astrology doctrine, Tetrabiblos , he discusses only 12 zodiac signs, but is aware of Ophiuchus, the constellation, along with all the other constellations. Many people incorrectly assume that astrologers simply chose to ignore the 13th sign, citing all kinds of probable reasons.

However, it's clear from Ptolemy's writings that the 13th sign was never lost or forgotten. It simply isn't a zodiac sign and has no place in the tropical zodiac wheel. Almost 2, years ago, a group of astrologers decided to change from a tropical earth-based astrology system and created a fixed-star astrology constellation-based form. In doing this, they chose to add Ophiuchus, a fixed star constellation, into their new astrology system, increasing the number of signs to For example, the difference in the time of a Solar Return amounts to a whole day at age Fagan began favoring the use of a sidereal, or non-precessing, zodiac such as Eastern astrologers have used for centuries.

He felt it made more sense than continuing to use a precessing Tropical zodiac but deleting precession for prediction purposes. Sidereal sign-placements also began to provide solutions for many confusing problems of astrological symbolism.

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Bradley pointed out that this purely empirical determination which has since been replicated with other large data samples carried added symbolic virtues. These Sidereal longitudes of Spica, Aldebaran, etc. Current Sidereal theorists generally presume that their zodiac is the resultant of the harmonic interplay of ALL galactic and extra-galactic material, visible and invisible.

A half-degree error in these points would displace the timing of a Lunar Ingress by about an hour, or of a Solar Ingress by about 12 hours. Initially, the Solar Ingress results were quite disappointing. Sidereal Lunar Ingresses, however, were exceptionally illuminating. This is the basis of the Synetic Vernal Point S. It is presumed to be in error by no more than a few seconds, if that much. Two important corroborations deserve mention in closing. One, statistical in nature, arose from a discovery made by Bradley after his initial experiments with Sidereal Ingresses.

The second corroboration, from archeological sources and non-astrological scholars who study the history of astrology and astronomy, was unknown to either Fagan or Bradley during their lives. The Babylonians are acknowledged by most modern scholars as the originators of astrology.

Solunars - Sidereal Astrology - Sun-sign Interpretations

IX, pp. The Fagan-Bradley S. It is good to see there are a few more of us WSAs out there. I am out of the San Francisco School.