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In the northern hemisphere, Aquarius is rising rather faster than the average. When someone is born at 50 degrees Northern latitude, the sign will need one hour and fifteen minutes to rise fully. At a city placed at 60 degrees Northern latitude, the sign will need around forty five minutes only. Thus, a person born in the Northern hemisphere has statistically less possibilities to have an Aquarius Ascendant, when the average time a sign needs to ascend is two hours.

As we already mentioned, individuals with an Aquarius Ascendant will have Uranus as their chart ruler. The planet of progress and innovation will be very important in their lives, and also strongly connected with their physical body, vitality and appearance.

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Their body and self will be affected not only by transits of planets through their Ascendant, but also by transits to their natal Uranus. In addition, natal aspects of other planets to their chart ruler, while also its location in a particular house, will play a strong role. People with Aquarius rising, must take care to empower their Uranus in healthy ways, as its functions will always have a positive or negative effect overall on their chart, touching all their life areas.

Uranus is generally considered an unpredictable planet, difficult to control and responsible for all types of changes through unexpected events. We usually prefer to not experience uncontrolled situations that concern our body, as most types of disturbance of our body patterns usually indicate some issues.

Our body tends to establish its own repetitive patterns, and changes concerning its functions are not preferred over stability.

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Thus, such people should pay attention even more to make Uranus function well, especially if he is adversely aspected in their natal chart. Having an Aquarius Ascendant feels like having Uranus in your 1st house. The native desires no borders, and even his own body may feel as some type of restriction that he needs to overcome. He usually will use it as a vessel, to pass through stereotypes imposed by the society that he denies towards new stereotypes that he will impose himself. We should not forget that we are slowly getting into the age of Aquarius, and eventually after centuries the Aquarian characteristics will prevail and become the norm for the masses.

Thus, people who have Aquarius as their Rising sign become also messengers of what is to come. People with this placement are not only believing in new forms of society, but actually using their own body to fight for their establishment. We mentioned a little before, about Aquarius Rising people being like a fly in a glass of milk.

Indeed, this Ascendant can have a huge effect both on what they wear, and what style they generally have. When you see a person having his hair died green or purple, and wearing clothes that just cannot pass unnoticed, there is a high possibility that he has an Aquarius Ascendant. They adore not only to sign their uniqueness with vivid colors, but also to provoke — especially when the surroundings they live in are conservative.

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They are natural eccentrics, and not at all shy to show it. Eventually, the style of an Aquarius Ascendant will find its way inside the social system and become a trend — many others will follow. This is quite natural, as the whole era we are experiencing is a transgression towards an Aquarian atmosphere; the societies will eventually follow whatever the Aquarius as an archetype will promote.

Additionally, an Aquarius Rising person will be a lot more technologically progressed than the average human being.

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They already interconnect their existence with a strong presence in virtual worlds and the internet, definitely investing in their web personas or being part of groups that transcend higher than individuals, blending with other people easily and taking part in auto-organized structures. In future times, Aquarius Ascendant people will probably be the first ones that will implement technology for supporting even their body functions, and will probably willingly pioneer in mixing the human body with experimental robotic features.

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In case that humanity chooses to enhance its powers with the aid of technology that will literally be a part of our body, Aquarius Ascendant natives might be the first ones tempted to try it. He will find friends amongst kindred or relatives who will help him, and attachments now formed are likely to be of a very refined and advanced type. He will, moreover, take some journeys while under this influence, probably in the interests of some society or brotherhood. He will find his mind now becoming much more active, and will live in the mental side of his nature much more than the physical, so that the good aspects to Mercury under these directions will be accentuated.

To those who are very advanced, this progressed ascendant will bring a desire to express their principles in detail, and to systematise plans for the benefit of the many. If the progressed ascendant is in the third decanate of Aquarius 20 degrees to 29 degrees and 59 minutes , the general interpretation for Progressed Ascendant in Aquarius applies, as well as this:.

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This will cause the native to form some attachment, to have the life of another linked with his own for some years to come. He will find a more balanced and equalised state of mind coming to him under this new influence, will become very refined mentally, and will have social experiences that will be more to his liking than formerly. It will develop a very keen sense of justice, so that the native will act conscientiously and honourably in all dealings with others.

It will give him also the faculty of comparison, and the power to see both sides of a question equally. This progressed ascendant will help the native to take full advantage of all the good aspects operating during the period in which it is in force. See more Secondary Progressions. The birth chart interpretations found here are " general interpretations " because you will find that, as you become more comfortable with astrology, you can add your own insight to these meanings.

The interpretations here are meant as a general guide, to usher you into deeper astrological exploration and self-discovery.

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