March 11 2020 total lunar eclipse astrology

Scorpio and Pluto themes will continue to get our attention as we approach and experience , when three rare and major planetary conjunctions inaugurate new beginnings in our personal and collective lives.

Transitions — Recognize Death and Rebirth The Scorpio and Pluto themes of death and rebirth involve the most dramatic and life-changing transitions. In this blog I discuss how the Saturn Pluto alignment, which is already active within 2 degrees is impacting Libra and the 7th house.

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Below are excerpts from my forthcoming book Your Astrology for a New Beginning, which will be for sale early December. How We Are Being Affected? In my last blog I gave an overview of the three conjunctions between Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter that announce new beginnings for all of us in Forthcoming Book on the Astrology of I am currently writing a book on the astrological events in and their implications, which will be available in early December This eclipse is even more potent due to its alignments.

The Capricorn Moon will have just passed over Saturn and Pluto both in retrograde and the South Node in the hours leading up to the eclipse.

2020 Astrology Prediction Series:

The opposition of the lunar stellium to the solar Cancer stellium of Sun, Venus and North Node with Mercury leaning back in from Leo , as well as a square to Pallas Athena in Libra brings up feelings of how we are to nurture ourselves and attend to our own truth even — and especially — as we are called toward our responsibilities to work, to others, and to our own reputation. Stay light on your feet.

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The effects of the season will be felt for the next six months, and are setting the stage for all that will follow. She finds it fascinating how everything connects — the cosmos, solar system, Earth and us — and loves to share, helping others to connect the dots in their own lives.

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Digging in the dirt… This is the follow up to the July 2nd Solar Eclipse, bringing up an emotional response to what was uncovered there.